Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wendy's vs. Burger King

Both Wendy's and Burger King are near and dear to my heart. I have already expressed my undying love for Wendy's but what about the resturant that proclaims itself the King of Burgers? Well, while Wendy's is delicious in every way it is a little too far from my house. The proximity of Burger King to my house is nice because it always prepares me for a convenient whop. thats another thing. The activity of Whopping is a festival that is by many standards, unsurpassed. The mascot for Burger is far better than the little red headed girl of Wendy's who actually turned out to be some fat 45 year ol woman, probably overwieght from eating the delicious burgers of her namesake. But when it comes down to it what would I rather eat? Wendy's. Wendy's is beaten by no other burger place. Not even the Mighty Whop takes down the Magestic Wendy's.

Freedom Fries

There is many an Autumn's eve where I sit and ponder the beauty that is Wendy's. Especially the Fries. They are probably the best fries that any Fast Food place has to offer. Arby's fries are pretty good as are McDonalds. But I don't know about you but I like my fries soggy and full of goodness. McDonald's fries are good because they're soggy but lack in the flavor department. Also they are not consistently soggy which is a problem. The Arby's fries have enough flavor, especially the curly fries, but they aren't soggy enough. The average Wendy's fry is both delicious and sogged with a future heart attack. Thats what I like in a fry. A nice addition to a meal as well as living on the edge of death.

The Usual

My usual sanwhich from Wendy's is the big bacon classic with double cheese and meat. I get it without vegatables because I hate vegatables. That includes the lettuce and the tomatoes, because I know one of you smart-asses out there are going to be like "Well tomatoes are a fruit." By the way tomatoes weren't eaten until like 1834 because they were thought to be poisonous. If you can't tell I'm running out of ideas for this blog and that is why I'm writing about my usual. But Wendy's does rock. It rocks hard. Like a hard rockin' band from Boston. Such as Boston. I think Wendy's should take the Boston song "Smokin" because many of the burgers are indeed smokin'.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Honey Mustard Sauce from Wendy's

The Honey Mustard Sauce from Wendy's is the best Honey Mustard in town. I want to take it out on a date. If me and the Honey Mustard Sauce from Wendy's went out on a date I would probably take her to the movies. We'd watch it and probably every so often id say a witty comment in her ear. Then it would laugh. I would laugh to. It would be a nice time. Then we'd get something to eat. Probably Quiznos. It would be a special time for all of us. But all night I would be worrying about the drop off. Most likely it would be awkward but if I was luck she'd ask to see me again. I think a date with the Honey Mustard Sauce from Wendy's would turn out to be the most magical night of both our lives.

The Cheddar Lover's Bacon Cheeseburger

The Cheddar Lover's Bacon Cheeseburger is a juicy delight that I would often enjoy on a warm summer's eve. The cheddarness of the burger has been unsurpassed by any other burger from any other burger joint I have ever been to. When I was in middle school i remember every summer I would look forward to 3 things: sleeping, not going to school, and the Cheddar Lover's Bacon Cheeseburger. Then once I hit ninth grade it was gone, What Happened. It truly was a sad loss and it took me days to get over the realization that my baby wasn't coming back. Then this summer what do I see when I roll up to my local Wendy's. That's right. The beauty that is The Cheddar Lover's Bacon Cheeseburger. I bought to and chomped those suckers down. I chomped them down good.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Wendy's: A Tragedy

A horrible tragedy happened a few weeks ago. My Wendy's burnt down. It was the saddest day of my life. When I heard it my world came to an end. If the Leaning Tower of Pisa fell i would laugh, but when Wendy's burnt down I cried. I cried for days. Almost as much as Shane Flattery. No longer will I be able to conveniently taste the sweet nector thats is the Wendy's cheeseburger grace my taste buds. This is truly a day that will haunt the dreams of men. I mean sure, I can get my Wendy's from Brookfield but that is a ways away. I would like to find the idiot who caused the demise of my sweet Wendy's and cause some serious distress to him. If it's a girl I'll find a girl to do it. They should be thrown in jail, who ever they are. Oh, Wendy's, why did you leave me. I love you. I love you so much.

Wendys: An introduction

So Wendy's is pretty much the greatest burger joint I have ever come acroos. There are worthy contenders; White Castle is pretty good; Nathan's is also good but I get a hatdoog when i go there; but Wendy's is the greatest. I've been going to the fine dining resturant that is Wendy's for about 12 years now I don't intend to stop. There is nothing to not like about Wendy's. It's greasy, cheesy and quite possibly the keenest burgers in town. Every time I eat a Wendy's cheeseburger its a beautiful experience. It's like the Mona Lisa or The Persistence of Memory is being painted in my mouth. In short, Wendy's is one of the greatest inventions of all time, along with the Wheel, Printing Press, and of course Quiznos. If you like Wendy's then you will probably like this Blog.